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The COVID-19 pandemic can truly feel like a trial by fire for small businesses and startups that are trying to understand how they fit into a rapidly shifting market. It’s tempting to wish that everything could snap back to normal, but yearning for the past might mean missing the exciting opportunities this situation presents to refine your vision, grow as a company, and be bold.

More than ever, emerging companies need to stand out from the pack. You can’t distinguish your brand and charge bravely into the world without a catchy, unique name that cuts through the noise of today’s digital marketing landscape. A world of possibilities awaits you as you embark on the brand naming process, and NameStormers wants to help you make the most of it.

Consider Pivoting 

At the outset of our naming process, we dig deep into who each company is. Our probing questions often lead clients to revelations about their goals and identity, and sometimes those revelations lead to a pivot in direction. This doesn’t mean their original ideas were bad — far from it. It simply means the clients are eager to perfect their vision.

Likewise, this crisis presents an ideal opportunity for you to suss out your weaknesses, adapt to the challenges at hand, and truly lean into your entrepreneurial spirit.


Right now, your prospective customers are likely experiencing new pain points or experiencing the same ones more acutely. It’s a good time to refine your product or service with the goal of solving relevant problems. Of course, you don’t want to capitalize on your target’s misery in a tasteless manner, but center your goals and messaging on the problems at hand. Does your product make life easier or more fulfilling? Does it provide convenience or community?

You don’t have to let the current situation dictate everything about your brand, but your name should carry some sort of implicit awareness of the challenges your target faces daily and communicate the ways your company can help overcome those challenges.

Push a Positive Message

People want hope, but they don’t want blissful ignorance. Launching your business right now means striking a balance between an overly somber tone and an oblivious one. Since your name must spearhead your marketing efforts, it’s important to make sure it aligns with the tonal direction you want to take. Use your messaging to build trust and help your target feel hopeful about the future.

Plan for the Future 

Many businesses have had to adapt in recent weeks in order to remain functional and relevant. But anyone starting a new business in the midst of this crisis has the advantage of adapting before the business plan was carved in stone.

While other companies may be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, you have the chance to design your company for the future and around the changes that are taking place. You do not have to resort to playing catch-up; instead, you can look beyond this season of uncertainty and mold your business to fit the future that will emerge on the other side.

Why Hire NameStormers to Help with Your Brand or Company Naming Project?

Names are powerful. A bad name can leave your target completely indifferent to your brand, while an incredible name can captivate the imagination and pave a smooth path for a range of successful marketing efforts. NameStormers wants to help you seize all the opportunities that a name presents, which is why our seven-step business naming process goes above and beyond simply brainstorming a list of names.

We get to know you as a company. We screen the names for trademark and linguistic issues. We pitch our best name candidates to you. And if you don’t like them, we take it from the top — all for one, flat fee.

If you’re ready to choose the perfect name for your business and take on this brave new world, get in touch with us today.


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