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The Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Brand Naming Agency

By: Megan Dzialo

Naming a business or a new product is incredibly exciting and usually comes after months (if not years!) of business development and product innovation. Assigning a name to your hard work is the cherry on top of all of your efforts, but how do you begin to come up with a name? At what point do you call in help from a top naming company? Here are five reasons to hire a brand naming agency for your next naming project.

  1. Name generators fall flat.

As a brand naming agency who developed the first name generation software, we know first-hand that online name generators cannot out-perform humans (unlike most technology these days). While name generators boast of time-saving and money-saving efficiency, they cannot boast in creativity or producing incredible brand names. Many start-ups and growing businesses try using a name generator only to quickly discover the creative limitations and disappointing, subpar names. I recently searched for names for a new fruit drink on an online generator that produced names like “aud”, “vortigern” and “epicene”. How’s that for your next fruit drink brand portfolio?

  1. Internal naming competitions can get messy.

What better way to come up with a new product name than to hold an internal naming competition with your very own employees, am I right? Countless numbers of past clients fall into this category of having tried an employee naming competition with less-than exciting results. While we understand the thought-process behind having your very own, dedicated employees name your products, there are also several problems and risks you take by using this strategy. 

Employee naming competitions are simply that- a competition. In a competition, each person is focused on winning and their name being chosen more than they are focused on a name that will actually ensure the success and growth of the business. This brings me to my next point- your target market. Your employees are typically not an accurate sample of your target market. Names your employees think are great may not resonate with the audience you’re going after. Lastly, your employees are typically too close for comfort and too biased to be able to make wise and informed naming decisions, not to mention, trying to get a large team to agree upon one name is next to impossible. Leave the naming to a top naming firm and the innovation to your employees. 

  1. Trademark screening is challenging.

The best naming agencies don’t just sit around creating names, but they also spend the time and money to pre-screen the best brand name ideas for trademark and exact dot-com availability. Millions of new trademark applications are filed every year. The likelihood of a beloved name being taken is pretty high, which is why you need a naming and branding agency that has spent decades searching in the USPTO database and can present names to you that have a high likelihood of being available. 

  1. Time is precious.

Most companies don’t realize just how large of an undertaking a naming project is, after all, how hard can it be to come up with and decide upon one or two words? When you’re busy innovating and fine-tuning products and services, you don’t have the time nor the resources to create a great name, but a naming company not only has the time and experience, but the enthusiasm to boot.

  1. Experience is everything.

Top naming firms know that the value they provide is in their decades of experience. From naming failures to overnight successes, naming firms know what strategies to avoid and what opportunities to capitalize on in various different industries. Over the years they have watched trends come and go and seen names prove timeless and fruitless. Brand naming agency experience is rich soil for businesses looking to grow through the power of a great name.

Why Work with NameStormers? 

You could brainstorm your company or product name on your own, or you could put our expertise to work for you. While creating stellar name candidates is our bread and butter, our company naming process doesn’t start or end with that.

It starts with getting to know your company and what you’re looking to achieve. After we create a list of names, we perform trademark screenings using tools that trademark lawyers use. We also do optional linguistic screening and check for domain and social media availability. Once we weed out the risky names, we pitch the names to you. If you don’t feel great about moving forward with any of the name candidates, we jump straight back to brainstorming and go through the process again for no additional fee.

As you can see, our process focuses not on merely getting the job done, but on ensuring that our clients leave excited to put one of our suggestions to use. Contact us today to get started!


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