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Namestormers is a naming agency that has been creating brand names, company names, and product names for every type of business in every corner of the world since 1985. We are specialists in every aspect of name development, including brand naming, company naming, product naming, naming strategy, naming architecture and hierarchy, linguistic and legal screening, and market name testing. 

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re recognized among the top agencies on The Manifest. In their latest list, we’re hailed as one of the 15 most-reviewed naming agencies worldwide.

For years, our team of specialists has been channeling ingenious, creative ideas that empower our partners. But we’re not stopping any time soon. Our mission is to be the beacon for businesses that want to establish a unique and memorable identity through powerful brand naming projects.

An enterprise search company entrusted us with the naming of their new product. The challenge was coming up with their company name. The client also wanted to focus on action-oriented words that were concise but captivating. The key deliverable was a name that the partner loved along with the initial legal prescreening work on whether they would have any issues with trademarks.

“We had an amazing experience with the Namestormers team. They went through a ton of name options with us and continually refined the process until we landed on something that we loved.

They were able to take our very high-level requirements and vision for the company and apply it to sets of names that fit and names that we could bring a story and brand too.”

— Sean Taylor, COO, Enterprise Search Company

Thank you so much to Sean for this detailed review. Find out more about our noteworthy projects by reading through the newest list on The Manifest.
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