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Case Study

The Coals That Started CorFire

By June 14, 2017March 31st, 2023No Comments

We recently helped develop the CorFire™ name and a corresponding naming architecture for SK C&C. Here is a little background:

The CorFire solution suite lets retailers, phone companies and others deliver mobile commerce to their customers, today. The CorFire team has over eight years of real world experience providing systems that seamlessly serve half a million consumers in all aspects of mCommerce.  While others are talking about trials, CorFire is talking about implementation, right now, with a complete family of proven, reliable solutions.

The “Cor” in CorFire comes from the Latin for “heart,” as in the central, indispensible, essential elements of a mobile commerce infrastructure. CorFire provides solid, strong, enduring and robust solutions.

The “Fire” in CorFire is about ignition, about launching an industry that will change the way we all live. “Fire” is also about action and power, about helping companies rapidly deploy their all-encompassing mobile commerce solutions. The CoreFire team empowers customers to get to market quicker, with a more comprehensive solution, ahead of their competition. Retailers, banks, credit card companies and others will capture market share now and establish themselves with first-mover advantage.

CorFire is cool and edgy, not stodgy or old-school.  It is about proven solutions, not prototypes or trials.  CoreFire is fun, agile, exciting, fast-moving, responsive and energizing.

Join CorFire and give your customers a ride they will never forget.

Live Life Mobile!

We believe a name like CorFire will give SK C&C  an extra edge when marketing their products and services. Almost all of our clients have found that spending a little time and money upfront on a new name and naming architecture gives rise to well thought out, powerful brands that help telegraph their company’s compelling differentiators.

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