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For help finding synonyms and other word associations, we have found The Free Dictionary by Farlex to be one of the best tools available on the Internet today.  It provides a wealth of features that will assist you in your name development project including translations, synonyms, key words embedded inside of the definitions of other words and a whole lot more.

While many of our clients have found using a dictionary or thesaurus a frustrating experience when naming, we believe following these naming tips will help you leverage this type of tool in the right way:

  • Naming Tip #1: Use a dictionary or thesaurus as a springboard to new naming ideas, not as the way to find the actual name itself.  That is, while some words right out of a dictionary or thesaurus may work as your name without some tweaking, most words are too verbose or complicated.  However, with only a little wordsmithing or ideation, you may be able to create that ownable, distinctive and attention-riveting name.  For example, when we were asked to develop a new name for a greener Freon, we started with the word “Clean” and spotted “Pure” through a synonym review.  With a little tweaking, we ended up with Puron, now a globally recognized refrigerant name.
  • Naming Tip #2: Focus your attention on the shortest, easiest to spell synonyms – ideally two syllables and no more than 8 letters.
  • Naming Tip #3: Look for keywords embedded in the definitions of other words, not just true synonyms.   That is, when we were asked to name a new after-dinner liqueur, we noticed it was white in color.  When we looked for words WHOSE DEFINITION contained the word “white” we found Aspen, an interesting and distinctive possibility for the upscale, sophisticated positioning our client was wanting to convey.

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