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Descriptive is better

Several years ago, we launched a website for sharing job ideas and information specifically for individuals with autism. The actual web site name was (the site is no longer active).  Now some branding critics might say this website name was too descriptive a business name and one that will be tough to protect. But sometimes more descriptive is okay.  Here is why we went with this more generic business name:

  • When you are first in a totally new category and have a shoestring budget, an easy-to-understand brand name that telegraphs what the site, product or company is all about… often makes sense.
  • Web site names are different animals than many traditional product and company brand names.  For a new online community, you may just want a URL name that is easy to say and easy to spell.  Since we were also able to register both and, we do have a couple of the more obvious spellings locked up.
  • This is not a money-making venture. That is, non-profit names sometimes don’t have to cross all the hurdles a for-profit, highly competitive product brand name has to cross.

So, while we would normally advise against overly descriptive names, we believe there are exceptions to the rule. Need help on your naming project? As a top naming agency, NameStormers can help you find that perfect-fit brand, company, or product name to help your business thrive!

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