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Sometimes simple really is better. Especially when it comes to complex medical challenges that require speciality pharmaceuticals and perhaps even trained medical staff to administer them.

US Bioservices is a nationwide provider of such products and services and its new contintuity of care program helps educate patients while providing clinical support and financial assistance guidance. A simple, easy-to-understand name has helped make the program a success:

 A name like Pathpoint:

  • Is not a real word but sounds like one
  • Is easy to spell, pronounce and remember
  • Supports messaging around leading the way, providing the needed guidance and direction
  • Helps expand US Bioservices reputation as a leader in the industry

New names don’t have to be abstract, meaningless words or common, overused ones either. If you have questions about how to develop simple, straightforward and relevant names, please call us at 512-267-1814.

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