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United Technologies had to name their new environmentally sound Freon® replacement. Freon was being eliminated from air conditioners because of environmental worries such as global warming. This project presented some challenges. The new name needed to:

  • Sound similar to Freon to simplify adoption
  • Be easy for dealers to explain to their customers
  • Be short to provide a “billboard effect” on trucks
  • Sound greener than the Freon name

Puron was the winning name. It had the same number of letters as Freon and had the same “-on” suffix, making it easy for retailers to explain to customers.

The “Pur-” root sounded friendly, environmentally correct and connoted to consumers a clean and safe refrigerant.

Puron worked globally and helped United Technologies establish a strong, memorable brand name that is giving their Carrier and Bryant products a competitive point of differentiation in the marketplace.

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