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Product Naming

Our Product Naming Service

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A solid product or service name does more than simply label your creation in a distinct, descriptive, or memorable way. It reinforces your brand identity, evokes an emotional response, boosts your search engine visibility, and makes an indelible impact on your audience. The product naming process deserves as much care and attention as the creation of the product itself — and that’s where we jump in. 

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Brand Name and Products 

Getting to know YOU is the first priority of our strategic product naming process. We ask targeted questions to unearth and understand your deepest vision for the product or service, how it fits into the framework of your brand, and what you want it to mean to your audience. We also dig around for your likes and dislikes: What captures your fancy? Which competitors do you admire for their branding savvy? Have you already written off any ideas, and why did they end up on the cutting room floor? 

After we get to know your brand, we have the insight to provide a fresh perspective. Pouring your heart into a creation can make it difficult to see through an objective lens, especially if you’ve developed an attachment to certain words or concepts during the inception stage. But we are able to step back and place your new product or service name into the context of your overall goals, audience receptiveness, potential roadblocks, and unique value proposition. 

We work fast and allow you to have input in our process of new product naming, absorbing your reactions and revising with you as many times as it takes for you to have that revelatory “ah-ha” moment. 

Our Unique Product Naming Process

We love the freedom of bouncing around compelling ideas during a brainstorm session, but we don’t just brainstorm and head out to brunch. Our seven-step naming process delves so much deeper than mere ideas. In fact, the process begins and ends with research. 

Here’s a breakdown of our strategic — some would even say scientific — approach:

Step 1) Gather information. In addition to a thoughtful questionnaire about your brand, we also take a look at your customers and competitors in this initial step. 

Step 2) Ideate. As we start dreaming up name ideas, we center our conceptualizing around the story your brand is telling and the response we want it to provoke. 

Step 3) Screen. You don’t need to get into the weeds with trademark issues and conflicts — we do that for you. Our extensive preliminary trademark screening, domain availability check, and linguistic viability screening prevent you from getting attached to a name that could cause you trouble down the road. Only usable ideas make the cut. 

Step 4) Pitch. This is where you come in. We present our refined list of name candidates and ask for your evaluations. After you’ve had a chance to process, we’ll either move to the next step or revise as many times as needed until you are completely satisfied that your new product name is telling the right story. 

Step 5) Fine-Tune. We take your reactions, comments, and suggestions as well as the input of others in our organization and tweak to perfection. 

Step 6) Test. We thoroughly test the performance of the name and promptly provide key results, providing an Executive Summary with relevant data and recommendations. 

Step 7) ROI. We take pride in developing name candidates and data that pay off for you. We love to hear that the new product rollout was a success!

Why Choose Namestormers for Your New Product Naming Needs? 

You deserve a product name that’s worthy of your creation. Over 30 years, we’ve built a diverse portfolio of reputable brand names and products by providing inspiring names that take into account business development needs as well as the quality of products and services. We like to generate names that spark excitement inside and outside an organization — names that can change its trajectory and position it for greater success.

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