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The biggest challenge of naming a new product is doing justice to your idea. You’ve poured hours of work and creativity into an item that you know your target customer will love, and now you need a name that seduces and inspires. 

For more than 30 years, NameStormers has been naming products for prominent clients across industries, and we’ve developed an efficient, thorough, and proven process. Here are some advantages of working with our product naming consultants:  

We Want to Get to Know You 

Most name generators and marketing agencies do the bare minimum as far as gathering information about your company. They generate product name ideas without knowing anything beyond the basics, like your field of business and maybe a few key words about your values or offerings. Needless to say, this approach doesn’t yield unique, personalized results that capture the essence of your product in just a few short syllables.

At NameStormers, we dive deep into what sets you apart from your competition. We get to know your origin story, your favorite names, your least favorite names, your broader goals for the business, and your specific goals for the product. We understand that your product deserves a name that is anything but generic. 

We’re Fast and Flexible 

We know it’s frustrating to wait months for an agency to produce name ideas when you’re hyped and ready to launch a new product. Fortunately, our experience and methodology allow us to streamline the process and provide quick, quality results. We also refuse to quit until you’re satisfied. Other agencies may wash their hands of the project as soon as they toss a list of name ideas your way. If you want more ideas, you have to pay for more ideas. 

When they’re done with the process, we’re just getting started. We perform a preliminary trademark check on the names we come up with to weed out the ones that are risky or unavailable. Then, we run the best names by you, discuss your favorite and least favorite options, and even come up with completely new ideas if you’re not vibing with any — at no extra charge. Our job isn’t done until you have a product name you love. 

We Have a Diverse Portfolio of Product Naming Projects

We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, fledgling startups, and nonprofits in an array of industries. Here’s a glimpse at our product naming portfolio. To see more of our product naming projects, view our portfolio page

Boston Beer Company needed a name for their craft-brewed hard tea, aimed at consumers who were older and a little more health-conscious than those who drank their Twisted Tea brand. 

Pharmavite approached us about creating a name for their nutritional supplements that would be simple and punchy enough to break through all the noise in the crowded market.  

Animal pharmaceutical company Virbac needed a name for their newest cat dental treatment. They wanted the name to show that IntelliDent was the smartest choice for pets. 

Herman Miller needed an upscale name for a new ergonomic office chair that would differentiate it from competing products. 

For their new premium tires, Michelin needed a name that would convey balance, quality engineering, and excellent design without sounding too mechanical. 

Plus-size clothing company Addition Elle needed a name for their new line of lingerie that came across as sexy with a hint of European sophistication.

Bernzomatic wanted to develop a name for a new collection of campfire torches that felt intuitive and could be an umbrella term for the various products in the line.

We Offer Additional Services

Our product, business, and brand naming services include trademark screening, domain screening, and name testing, but that’s not all we do. We offer additional services such as linguistic screening, logo design, extensive research, and naming architecture. NameStormers does it all, which is why our clients keep coming back. We love developing relationships and hearing about how the names we’ve created have helped companies on the road to success. 

Work with NameStormersWe’re excited to learn about your company and your goals for launching your new product. If you’re ready to work with us to create the perfect name, get in touch with us today!

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