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Before we can develop a new product name for you, we need to understand your branding strategy, brand positioning and other related issues that impact  the name development.  Here are some of the key product branding questions we will want to review with you:

  • What do you want the name to do?
  • What is your positioning?
  • What is your competitive advantage? Is it sustainable and relevant to your customers over time?
  • What personality or persona do you want the name to reflect?
  • Can you describe your prospective customer today? Tomorrow?
  • When and where will the name be used?
  • How will the name be used? Describe different venues and packaging concepts.
  • Who are your competitors? Where is the competitive opportunity?
  • What names have already been considered and dismissed and why?
  • What names do you like and why do you like them?
  • How long can the name be?
  • How important is it that you can register the name, in its shortest and most intuitively spelled form, as your URL?  If it is important, would you entertain adding a trailer to facilitate dot-com registration?  How important are the other top level domains like dot-net, dot-org, etc. in addition to the dot-com?
  • Why are you doing this now?  Is there anything going on in the marketplace today that makes your timing especially opportune?

For a complete list of the questions we typically ask during a product branding engagement, please call me at 512-267-1814 or email me at:

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