Nestle’s Itzakadoozie

The Need

After great success in South America with one of their products —a long, spiral-shaped, multi-colored frozen treat — Nestle decided to introduce it in the United States. Needing a new, more American-sounding name, they called NameStormers.
Nestle asked for a name that would appeal not only to kids, but to the moms who were in charge of the shopping, as well. It needed to be distinctive compared to other frozen treats, and playful to fit its multicolored, spiral personality. Last but not least, it needed to be a long name so it would span the length of the longer-than-your-average wrapper.

The Name

Ultimately, “Itzakadoozie” was chosen because kids liked it, they remembered it, and it was fun to say. It definitely fit the personality of the product, and it was even long enough to span the entire length of the wrapper.