Intergraph’s SolidEdge

The Need

Intergraph (Siemens) came to NameStormers for help naming a new3-D CAD/CAM package designed for mechanical engineers. They preferred a name that suggested leadership, implied giving the user a significant advantage over the competition, and related to what CAD/CAM tools are all about—modeling.

The Name

Solid Edge won out in the end because “solid” conveys reliability, and also because the software facilitates solid modelling, an industry term for one of its many capabilities. “Edge” promised the users that the software would always be on the cutting edge of the newest technology.

The Result

Solid Edge is now owned by Siemens and goes head-to-head with competitors like Creo and Inventor. Solid Edge has lived up to its name, adapting to the market over time, keeping-up with the ever-changing technological landscape, and becoming even more user-friendly with each new version.