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The Client: Two entrepreneurs

A start-up approached NameStormers about naming their new health screening service. The service involved training mobile diagnostic teams to perform non-invasive cardiovascular and bone health screenings utilizing local facilities such as churches and community centers – a convenient, personal service.

The Need

The two founders wanted a name that took anxiety out of preventative screening, was obviously related to healthcare, but one that stood out and connected quickly with prospective patients. The ideal name would be easy to say, spell, and remember. It would be upbeat and fit the progressive healthcare position that focused on prevention and wellness.

The Name

The new organization ultimately selected the name “Health Yes!” It was novel and memorable, and even though it used the word “health”, it was incorporated in a distinctive way, essentially a call to action, relating to the trend of saying “taking charge of your own health!” It fit in with the prevention, wellness and patient-empowering messages espoused by many others in the industry.