Aetna’s “Practice IQ”

The Client: Aetna

“We are focused on improving the US health care system by helping primary care physicians move from a volume-based care model to a value-based care model, enhancing health outcomes, improving the patient experience, and strengthening practice economics.”

The Need

Aetna needed a name that would immediately appeal to physicians wrestling with the new health care environment. A name that could span all the services Aetna was offering (through Healthagen) to help physicians stay competitive in the new world of improving patient outcomes while minimizing costs.

The Name

Practice iQ was ultimately chosen because it: 

  1. Telegraphed what the company and its offerings were all about: making physician practices smarter.
  2. Was relatively short and easy to say, spell, and most importantly, to remember.
  3. Helped convey the hard data orientation and strong analytical foundation without coming across too scientific or nerdy.
  4. Seemed legally available