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The Boston Beer Company’s          Wild Leaf Tea

The Need

BBC came to NameStormers wanting help developing a brand name for a new high-quality, better-for-you (less sugar, fewer calories) hard tea. While BBC dominates the hard tea category with their Twisted Tea brand, it is consumed primarily by a younger LDA (Legal Drinking Age), 21-24 years old. As these consumers grew older, they tended to stop drinking Twisted Tea, and look for better-for-you, more artisan-crafted teas with higher quality ingredients. BBC wanted to deliver a premium hard tea that engaged this more sophisticated and older consumer differentiating it from Twisted Tea based on 3 brand pillars: Health & wellness, an artisan product, and fun, sociable and unique.

The Name

After two rounds of names, “Wild Leaf” caught the interest of the BBC team. The name embodied and supported the three brand pillars in a unique, artisanal, and health-conscious way. The consumer validation testing also proved that “Wild Leaf” was preferred over 9 other considered names. Initial trademark screening showed this name to be in use already, but BBC was able to purchase the rights to the name and turn “Wild Leaf” tea into a wild success!