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Naming in an A.I. Age Episode #2

Welcome back to our creative community! With naming being so important to our service, Mike and Adelaide explain the thought process behind the name of the new podcast: “Naming in an AI Age.” Learn more about the history of NameStormers, the future of the podcast, and get to know Mike and Adelaide a little bit better along the way!

Episode Two of “Naming in an AI Age” Podcast

Adelaide Brown: Welcome back to “Naming in an AI Age.” I’m your semi-host, Adelaide Brown, and we have Mike Carr on as well, founder and CEO of NameStormers. We’re, just to kick off our series, gonna talk a little bit about the name of the podcast itself with naming being so important and that creative development. I thought I would have Mike explain a little bit behind his passion for the name “Naming in an AI Age” and um, what you can look forward to as a member of our community, as a listener, as a visitor. So, take it away, Mike. 

Mike Carr: Thanks, Adelaide. So, one of the things we wanna try to do is, is share some of our learnings over the last 35, 37 years that we’ve been doing this. And of course, what’s happening now with the fascination about Chat GPT or Google’s Bard or all the different, you know, plugins that are coming out for generative AI is, how does that impact everything, you know, including naming. And what we want to try to do on this podcast in future episodes is give you guys things that you can use, right? You know, tips, techniques, experiences. Things that we’ve learned either by doing it the wrong way first or hopefully by doing it the right way. And all those I think are gonna hopefully add, add value. And so, while there is a place for AI, and I think every naming project, it’s only as good as the person using it. You know, there’s a new job title that was talked about last week at a conference we attended that had a whole track on artificial intelligence, and it’s called an “AI prompt engineer,” which sounds very highfalutin. Basically, all it is is it’s someone that really understands how to write an English query. So, you’re using English language? How to write an English query to get the kind of response you need out of whatever AI engine you’re using. And it’s such a specialty because just a word or two difference can generate a very different response from chat GPT as an example, and it’s iterative, right? It’s this idea that if you know what you need in terms of a name, if you’ve identified the target and what you want the name to convey, and what your value prop is, and whether or not the name should relate to that value prop, and in today’s AI world, digital world, just cutting through the clutter is so, so important, right? If you don’t catch the attention with the name, that’s engaging and evocative, which usually means it’s on the right side of the brain, not the left side of the brain, you’ve lost the battle before you’ve ever gotten started, right? If you can’t engage them, nothing else really matters, and so we’ll try to share with you. A lot of the things that we’ve learned, we’ll try to cite specific examples of names that you might recognize and that story and then how some of the things are happening today might have changed the outcome or might have facilitated, uh, a different direction or better insights or quicker success. But I think a name is even more important today perhaps, than it ever has been in the past because, you’re in such a noisy environment.

Adelaide Brown: Wow. Such insight. I’m excited to get into the nitty gritty of all these different topics. See how far AI reaches in the creative world. But I’m excited even more so to really establish this, this niche within AI. Cause I know there’s so many questions surrounding the technology, so there’s a lot we have to talk about. So, stay tuned. 

Mike Carr: Thank you. 

Adelaide Brown: Bye 

Mike Carr: Bye.

Adelaide Brown: Join us next Tuesday to hear more about how NameStormers, as a consulting agency, works and the nitty-gritty behind pitching and developing a name once clients kick off a contract. Talk to you then!

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