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A naming architecture and brand nomenclature system offers a variety of advantages including:

  • Leveraging the investment in a corporate brand across multiple products
  • Helping establish immediate credibility and facilitiating new product launches
  • Differentiating from the competitive set while building awareness in a distinctive nomenclature look and feel
  • Establishing the relationship between multiple brand and line extension names
  • Providing guidelines for future naming that continue to build off what has already been established

For example, Valeron came to us needing a name for a new weather wrap. The name needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Work well with and help build equity in the Valeron brand
  • Support the positioning of innovation and industry leadership
  • Relate to the actual product in some way – a durable, flexible sheet with an embossed spiral pattern to facilitate water drainage, a powerful performer
  • Differentiate from the competitive set which included a number of names similar to one another like WeatherTrek and WeatherMate

The winning name was Vortec, which related to water (a vortex), the unique spiral pattern embossed on the surface that facilitated water drainage, and the corporate parent brand: Valeron.

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