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Naming Tips

NameStorming® Tips & Secrets – Part 1

By July 8, 2018March 31st, 2023No Comments

So you want a name that engages, generates conversation & captures the imagination of your audience?

Easy, right?

Well … not so fast … we’ve been naming for over 30 years and are still learning how to do it right.

NameStormers has made about every mistake possible so let me share with you 3 “Gotcha’s” in the form of questions you should ask yourself or your team right off the bat:

  1. What do we want our name to do?
    Seems obvious but you’d be amazed at the responses we get from something simple but not quite right like “We want our name to sound good” … to a more interesting answer like “We want our name to sell itself.”
  2. Who is your primary target?
    This is usually an easy question to answer for many of us … “Our Customers!”… However, what this implies is often not well understood which brings us to the 3rd question …
  3. How are you going to pick the winning name?
    The way the vast majority of us pick a name is based upon what we or our team believe is the overall best name and not, surprisingly, by going out and asking our customers. You have to ask your customers! And, not just a handful of customers in a focus group session but a large enough number so you get an accurate read on which name is truly the winner.

These questions may seem simple and obvious to you, but if you don’t agree on how to answer these at the outset of your naming project, I can almost guarantee you unnecessary problems and frustrations before you’re through.

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