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A Premium Passenger Tire

Michelin wanted to develop a new name for a line of premium passenger tires that would be used as original equipment on new vehicles like the Honda Odyssey.

The tires had some of Michelin’s best engineering behind them, offering a good balance of handling, traction in all kinds of adverse conditions, superior wear, sound deadening and quick, responsive braking. The tire offered all this engineering innovation at a very reasonable price.

While the NameStormers discovered through its legal research that many initial name ideas were already in use, some unique ideas started to surface after field trips to various tire retailers. The ultimate winner was Symmetry. It supported Michelin’s reputation for superior design and engineering. It was a real word that suggested a good balance between many different features. It was relatively short, easy to spell, say and remember.

At different automotive dealers across the country, Symmetry tires can now be found on a variety of new vehicles.

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