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How to Create A Truly Unique Business Name

By January 21, 2020March 31st, 2023No Comments

In order to distinguish your company from its competition, your name needs to be unique. But as time goes on and more trademarks are claimed, generating unique business name ideas becomes more and more of a challenge for entrepreneurs. This process requires the creativity to come up with fresh ideas and the analytical tools to predict how your audience will interpret something they’ve never heard or seen before.

On one hand, you don’t want a business name so abstract and esoteric as to be meaningless. But on the other hand, your name also can’t typically be a relevant real word — because most relevant words are often already used in your space. So with these constraints, how do we do it?

Our Tricks to Creating Unique Business Name Ideas

Most obvious real English words may be off the table as far as new businesses are concerned, but there’s a wealth of creativity to mine from their Latin and Greek roots. The beautiful thing about turning to etymology is that it can yield a fresh name with which people still inherently associate meaning, purely because English and Romance languages have so many common linguistic roots.

We also look at synonyms or other words in the space. When a color technology company wanted an entirely unique name that still managed to communicate their advancements in the industry, we wanted to give them something that truly sparkled. We searched the color space and were drawn to the word “imbue.” “Imbue” originates from the Latin word imbuere, meaning “to wet or drench.” The word has evolved to mean “to saturate with moisture or color.” “Saturation” is basic vocabulary in the color technology space, so “imbue” is able to convey something meaningful without spelling it out.

To make the name ideal for the client, we dropped the “e” and suggested IMBU. It’s difficult to create short, descriptive names, but this name does the job with just four letters! It strikes the perfect balance: it’s based on a real word without being too literal or obvious.

What a Unique Name Can Accomplish for Your Business

A unique business name is memorable and sets you apart from the competition. But it also allows your business to tell a story. If your name is a real word or two real words, people will already have preconceptions about its meaning when they encounter your business. You may not have a chance to communicate your vision. However, if you get too inventive, your audience won’t have any context whatsoever.

A name that is suggestive without being too literal leads people to ask questions — it allows you to control the definition and claim ownership of your story.

Our Business Is Naming Businesses

NameStormers does so much more than brainstorm unique business name ideas. We run extensive preliminary trademark screenings, web screenings, and linguistic viability screenings to weed out names that could pose a problem for you down the road. And if you aren’t completely sold on the name candidates we present to you, we do it again. In fact, we do it as many times as it takes for you to feel confident that your business name accomplishes everything it needs to.

There’s no automatic name generator in the world that can do what we do! Contact us to see what a truly unique name can do for your business.

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