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When our clients start the process of naming a brand, company, product, or service, they’re usually on a single-minded mission: choose a name and roll it out. What many of our clients learn along the way, however, is that the NameStormers method offers value beyond name development. 

We Develop Your Brand 

At the outset of our seven-step process, we ask our clients questions they may never have even asked themselves. Our goal is to learn enough about their brands, preferences, and aspirations to offer well-tailored, viable ideas designed to give their business momentum. This step challenges our clients and yields helpful information.

When you hire us, we explore the following topics with you:

  • Your brand archetypes and personality 
  • Your unique value proposition 
  • The qualities/identity of your customer
  • Who your competitors are and what you believe they’re doing wrong/right
  • The context of the name (how it will be used) 
  • What names you’ve already written off 
  • Name likes and dislikes 

It’s not uncommon for our clients to surprise themselves with their answers!

We Reveal What Doesn’t Work 

Knowing what you don’t like can be just as helpful as knowing what you do like. Some of the best insights come from the “gathering information” step of name development because it forces clients to take a fresh perspective on their ideas. But there can also be a big reveal or two at the “pitching” step. When we turn over a list of candidates for your feedback via a video call, we get to see your strongest reactions. 

You may initially believe that your brand is serious and sophisticated, only to discover that the names matching that persona don’t ignite a spark for you — you might even downright dislike them. Perhaps you’re drawn to something more adventurous and youthful, and ultimately decide to pivot your brand. It wouldn’t be the first time! We’ve even had clients decide to scrap a project or product altogether because the process revealed that it didn’t fit into their business goals and portfolio. 

We Prepare You for the Future

The name development process helps you define and refine your mission as a company — including not only your place in the market right now but also your path to expanding and exploring new terrain. One of our additional services that can help you envision the way forward is naming architecture design. Here, we provide a comprehensive naming system with guidelines for how to develop brand-consistent names in the future. We also examine the messaging of your names and the relationship between them to help you optimize them. 

Why Let NameStormers Help You with Name Development?

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with names that work for them, but we hear over and over again that our naming strategy also helps clients learn more about their companies, their brands, and what they need to do to push their businesses forward. Though the name is the goal, the NameStormers process can also deliver brand strategy insight, clarity, and objectivity.

Part of what makes NameStormers stand out is that we charge a flat fee. If you don’t like the first set of name candidates we pitch to you, then we brainstorm again, vet the new names for trademark issues and online availability, and schedule another pitch session with you. If you don’t like the second round of names, we do it all again. In fact, we go through the process as many times as it takes for you to find “the one.” While other naming agencies hand you their first list of names and call the project complete, it’s important to us that you leave the process having met your brand, product, or company naming goals. 

If you’re ready to find the perfect name — and possibly refine your business strategy in the process — contact us today!


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