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Every automotive company needs a strong brand personality to claim a competitive advantage in the industry. Auto manufacturing, sales, rentals, repairs, auto products — whatever your company specializes in, you need a powerful name on which to build your brand.

NameStormers has created perfect-fit names for leading clients in the auto industry, and we have some expert tips for helping you name an auto company.

Redefine the Industry’s Reputation

When many people think of a car salesman, they think of someone who’s slimy, suave, and dishonest. That reputation is as old as the industry itself, and it’s hard to shake. Professionalism and friendly customer service aren’t enough to uproot decades of bad impressions. Auto companies need to prioritize integrity and transparency in order to inspire confidence in their values. 

For example, Circuit City wanted to switch things up in the industry, optimizing the experience of buying a used car. They wanted to provide buyers with relevant and truthful information while creating a welcoming environment. They approached NameStormers about a name for this new auto company, and we came up with CarMax. It’s short and easy to remember, and it conveys simplicity and straightforwardness, key tenets of their business model, which was groundbreaking at the time. 

Use Roots Words to Create Something New

Most existing words in English that are viable as business names have already been trademarked. Coming up with a car company name requires tapping into your creativity and playing around with root words in other languages. Since English borrows so much from romance languages, most English-speakers are somewhat familiar with Latin root words and foreign words, at least enough to spark a familiar feeling or image. 

When Pininfarina tapped NameStormers to develop a name for their new luxury Italian SUV, we created one that would appeal to English speakers even though it was Italian: La Forza, which means “the force.” It’s strong, attention-grabbing, and indicative of that special Italian sense of luxury and excellent craftsmanship. 

Another example of a name that draws on familiar roots is Torex. Huffy approached us about creating a name for their new battery ride-on vehicles, which were both fun and innovative. “Tor” — as in “torrent” or “torque” — conveys high-speed twists and turns. “Ex” hints at extremeness and excellence. Together, they give an impression of toughness and intensity that perfectly suits this vehicle. 

Make Safety Sound Sexy

While customers’ tastes in vehicles can range from opulent to rugged to simply sensible, there’s one thing everyone has in common: they want to feel safe driving. None of the bells and whistles or impressive capabilities mean anything if the customer doesn’t know that they are safe and driving a quality vehicle. 

Your name can hint at your dedication to safety without sounding boring or sacrificing style. A great example of this is Michelin’s Symmetry Tires. NameStormers came up with “Symmetry” to suggest balance, smart engineering, and superior design that would help keep customers safe. 

Choose Something Aspirational 

Apart from buying a house, buying a car is the biggest financial decision many people will make in their lives. Most customers need to look at a car and see both their current lifestyle and their ideal lifestyle reflected in its appearance, capabilities, and features. 

Your brand doesn’t just reflect your company; it reflects what your customers want and the lives they envision for themselves. Whether it’s luxury and sleekness, practicality and reliability, or adventurousness, the examples above each communicate different qualities that customers value. Lean in to whatever it is that your target wants out of their vehicle or auto product and, more broadly, their lifestyle. 

How NameStormers Can Help

NameStormers has been naming companies, brands, and products for decades, helping spur our clients across industries to greater success. Our seven-step process has been carefully crafted to yield memorable, original, and viable names. If you’re ready to name an automotive company, get in touch with us today. 

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