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When naming a fashion company, your branding needs to fit like a glove. Customers will turn into repeat business once they fall in love with the product you offer, but a name is what will get them in the door (whether literally or virtually). But naming a fashion product is a tightrope process: if you go for something too much in the zeitgeist, you run into competition for names; but if you veer too far into left field, your customer base won’t make the right associations. 

At NameStormers we have years of experience working with leading clients across many industries, including fashion. Here we’ve compiled a few handy tips to help you master the highwire act. 

Never Forget the Label

The world of fashion is all about what’s on the label. Everyone knows that the clothes make the man (or woman), but the label makes the clothes. That doesn’t leave you a lot of real estate for your branding. Go small, go brief, go recognizable. Customers don’t come to you because they’re looking for a manifesto; they’re looking for something that will sound as good as it looks.

For example, when AirDye needed to rename their beauty product masterbrand, they came to us for help. We came up with “Imbu,” which still spoke to their focus on color and saturation while cutting down on space. Simple, short, sweet. 

Think About What Says “Fashion” to You

The world of fashion is highly intertwined with an international — especially European — mentality, and we’ve found that customers love to be reminded of that. Stir up visions of faraway lands with language borrowed from a global playbook. Your customers don’t have to know what it means at first glance; they just have to like how it looks and sounds. 

Shoe Carnival might not scream “exotic” to customers, but when they came to us we found names that would do exactly that. They wanted branding for higher-priced, fashion-forward footwear for women, so we came up with Cabrizi and Solanz, words that evoke sunshine and gentle breezes, the perfect match for stylish footwear. 

Fashion Is a Feeling

When it comes to fashion, you want your customers to feel good about how they look wearing your product. Sexy is more than just an outfit; it’s an attitude. And that can start with naming your fashion product. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean in hopes that your customers will latch onto the feeling and associate it with your brand. 

Several years ago, we worked with Addition Elle to come up with a name for their line of intimate lingerie for plus-size women. They wanted a word that felt “sexy” and “European,” so we gave them “Déesse,” which is French for “goddess.” The line has become a huge success all across the globe. 

Need Some Good Names for a Fashion Company? NameStormers Can Help

NameStormers has extensive experience working with successful brands in the fashion industry, and we are ready to bring our unique methodology to the table for you. Our seven-step process yields instantly memorable names that are sure to excite our clients and their customers. 

We work with you to find a name that is right for your company. First, we get to know you and your company. From there we brainstorm some names tailored to your brand, run each name through a thorough usability check, and bring you into the process to make sure we’re on the right page. And if you don’t like what we come up with, we do it all again at no additional charge. 

Ready to start the process of naming your fashion business? Contact us today and let us get started on a name that fits your style!

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