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We make a big fuss about naming around here, and for good reason. A business’s name sets the tone for everything else, from visual branding to product names and even company culture. But a perfect name without a perfect logo is like peanut butter without chocolate — it will never reach its full potential.

Luckily, NameStormers’ expertise doesn’t stop at naming. Our logo creation services can help propel your company to success by showcasing your catchy name and grabbing your target at first glance. 

Why Should a Logo Go with a Company Name? 

You may think a logo is just a small, brief, even negligible aspect of your customer’s experience and that your products and services will speak for themselves. But they’ll never get the chance if your logo doesn’t draw customers in — or worse, drives them away. Consumers have more choices than ever, and a two-second look at an uninspiring logo can be their first and last interaction with your brand. Professional design is a must. 

Beyond being visually pleasing, however, your logo has to contribute to the brand story that your name is telling. Professional and inspiring design only goes so far; if your logo and name don’t mesh, your branding efforts will feel disjointed. Again, attention spans are shorter than ever, and consumers won’t connect with a brand that feels conflicted. The name and logo design need to work in tandem to blaze a trail for all of your future efforts, from advertising to launching new products.

What’s a Good Process for Designing and Choosing a Logo?

Since your logo needs to help tell your brand story, it’s important to choose a designer who cares about that story. Like automatic name generators, many online logo design services don’t take into account your company’s history or unique value proposition. NameStormers does. We get to know your brand personality, the logos you like and dislike, the slot you want to fill in the market, and the reason why someone would pick you over your competitors. 

Our process begins with a visual questionnaire and a kick-off call, which allows us to get a feel for what you’re looking for. We present visuals of logos in your industry so that we can suss out your style. Inspired by your feedback, we get to work on initial concepts. 

Now, this is the stage where many logo designers would call it a day. They would show you their work and maybe offer one free tweak before washing their hands of you. But NameStormers does it differently. If you don’t like any of the logos, we’ll make as many changes as you want, or even start from scratch. We want you to walk away with a logo that proudly represents your brand. 

Work with NameStormers to Create a Logo for Your Company Name 

Our logo creation services will bring your business one step closer to a triumphant launch, but we can do so much more. We are pros at company naming, product naming, brand naming, name testing, preliminary trademark screening, and more. Our thorough, seven-step naming process has been perfected over decades in the business, and we can’t wait to start working with you on your branding projects.

Your name and logo should work seamlessly together, so why not choose a company that can create both? After we work with you to come up with an incredible name for your business, we are already invested in your brand story and can easily take it to the next level with eye-catching design.

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