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Naming Spotlight: Hotel Deca

By June 14, 2017January 25th, 2024No Comments

Built in the 1930’s in the art deco style, University Towers is located in the university district in Seattle (akin to the Fillmore District in San Francisco).

As part of a major renovation, the owners wanted to rebrand the property with a more hip look and with-it name that fit its architecture and proximity to the university fraternities and sororities.

The Hotel Deca name was chosen after reviewing dozens of ideas because it:

  • Tied back to the art deco style
  • Deca is from the Greek for “10,” appealing to the local fraternities and sororities and their social chairs
  • It differentiated the property from all competitors throughout Seattle
  • It was easy to say, spell and remember
  • It was short, easily fitting on signage and other brand touch points

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