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Naming a health care company requires a different approach from other types of businesses. The name can be clever, but not too playful or tongue-in-cheek. It needs to be reliable and straightforward, but not so boring that it’s hard to remember. It should convey competence and confidence, while also coming across as approachable and unintimidating. 

To sum it up, it’s a challenge—one that our naming experts at NameStormers have conquered many times, which is why we’re sharing our tips and tricks for coming up with health care company name ideas.

Don’t Get too Scientific

If you’re starting a health care company, you have a high degree of expertise in your field and want to get a clear message across about the value and services you provide. However, your depth of knowledge can make it easy to get into the weeds and come up with names that are too descriptive and overly-technical. Step back and think about your target and their expertise and desires. Patients and clients want to feel like you are there to serve them, and they won’t as long as you center the science or the technology over their experience with it. 

One example of an accessible, appropriately scientific name is Practice iQ, Aetna’s care management services system. It’s approachable, easy to remember, and communicates the core goal of the product: to help physician practices do their business in a smarter, more efficient way.

Convey Your Specialty 

While it’s important to avoid being overly scientific, you don’t want to be too vague, either. Clients who are looking for a particular health-related service need to know at a glance whether you provide it or not. In many other industries, it’s good to intrigue your target and pique their curiosity; but in the health care industry, the priority is being direct and sincere.  

When the American Heart Association came to us to create a name for their patient portal, we knew that we needed to come up with something short and easy to recall that made heart patients feel engaged and empowered to manage aspects of their own treatment. We worked with AHA to come up with a suite of names including HeartHub, Take Control, and Heart 360.

But Leave it Broad So Your Business Can Grow

One mistake some people make when naming a health care company or practice is using a personal or geographically-specific name. This works for companies that intend to stay small and local, but if you plan to open other locations, add to your staff, and expand your services, you want a name that can grow with you insteading of hemming you in. A practice based in Austin might have “Central Texas” in its name, but what if the company has opportunities to expand to North Texas or East Texas? At a glance, will potential clients in those new areas think that the company’s services are inaccessible? Remember, changing a company name is much more difficult than choosing one that leaves doors open in the first place. 

Put Patients at Ease

Let’s be honest: no one likes going to the doctor, the dentist, the chiropractor, or the dermatologist. In fact, a lot of patients feel uncomfortable going to health appointments, which is why it’s important to choose a name that tells patients and clients they will receive more than just competent care. A little hospitality and warmth in the name can go a long way, which is why we came up with the name Brident for a dental and orthodontic provider whose previous name had made them come across as a bit unapproachable. Brident sounds professional, but also brings to mind a bright, white, friendly smile.

Need Health Care Company Name Ideas? NameStormers Can Help 

Your health care company deserves a unique name that will help you reach patients and clients who could benefit from your services. Meeting the criteria above may feel like a tall order, but as you can see, NameStormers has a track record of delivering creative and effective names for our clients in the health care industry.  If you’re ready to name your health care company, contact us today to get started. 

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