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TH Foods needed a new brand name to gain additional shelf space in a major account. The name needed to help generate trial purchases while conveying an all-natural, great tasting and authentic positioning.

NameStormers developed two rounds of names, prescreening each name for U.S. and Canadian trademarks and web hits before presentation to TH Foods. Each name or related name set was then coupled with a sample tag line idea and the underlying rationale. A recap of the closest trademark and web hits was also included.

Harvest Stone was the winning name. It fit the authentic, more natural positioning while being easy to say, spell and remember. It was also short enough to easily fit on the package in a large font. This provided a billboard effect on shelf, with the name grabbing the consumers’ attention when they were walking down the aisle.

Quote from TH Foods: “When we look at a bowl of Harvest Stone® Crispy Mix or Organic Crackers, we don’t just see delicious, whole grain snacks. We see farmers we know and trust who are passionate about growing the highest quality ingredients for our simple, uncompromised creations. We work with people who take their farms as seriously as we take our processes, so the end result is always real. And always delicious.”

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