Frito-Lay Doritos “Pizza Cravers” gallery image

The Client: Frito-Lay

The Need: Frito-Lay was coming out with a new flavoring for their Doritos line of chips. The name needed to be very descriptive of the pizza-like flavor while having a bit of an edge to it. They wanted something a little more fun, compelling and ownable than a generic name like “Pizza-Flavored.” They preferred a name that wasn’t overly cute, too earthy, or sophisticated. The name couldn’t be misleading or irreverent and needed to fit on a small package.

The Name: “Pizza Cravers!” generated excitement, suggesting this wasn’t just a pizza flavor, but an extraordinary pizza flavor, one you’d love, crave, maybe even dream about. It had the right personality, was playful and fun, and also fit the positioning and brand equity of the Doritos brand.