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We get it — it’s hard to capture how amazing your products are in a simple name, and it’s no easy feat to lure your potential customers to a delicious experience using no more than a few words. Thankfully, our process is both an art and a science that’s been perfected to generate names that can hit your target audience’s sweet spot and excite their taste buds.

Food and Beverage Industry Names Need to Be Evocative

More than those of other products and services, brand name ideas for food businesses need to have emotional appeal. When you see a commercial for a new detergent, you don’t jump up from your couch and go directly to the store to buy it. You wait until the next time you shop, or until you run out of your current product. 

But food and beverages are different. If you see a commercial for a frosty cold beer or a cheese-covered carb confection, you might head straight out the door to satisfy the sudden, overwhelming craving. That’s why your food business brand or product name needs to be evocative, indulgent, flavorful, and powerful enough to capitalize on the most basic of human impulses. It needs to do what any great food or beverage industry name does: prompt action. 

Food and Beverage Industry Names Need Strong Themes

In addition to demanding a response, the name for your brand or product needs to open the door to engaging copy and design possibilities. It must inspire — or fit into — your brand persona and naming architecture. 

Take, for instance, our Cherubs case study. We helped create the name for this new variety of grape tomato, which provided a theme that can be endlessly played with and expanded upon. NatureSweet now offers Glorys, Constellations, Twilights, Comets, and D’VINES. The products have a punchy design that conveys the celestial theme, which is also consistent throughout the advertising copy. For example, the Comets proclaim they have “out of this world sweetness.” 

Our Extensive Experience in the Food and Beverage Industry

We’ll be honest — generating brand name suggestions for food products is probably the most fun and playful part of our job. We’ve worked on everything from packaged snacks to cannabis industry products to limited-time restaurant offers. Whether it’s brand name ideas for food businesses or flashy new menu items, we come up with names that demand attention. 

Even though developing business name idea lists for food industry clients is one of our favorite tasks, we take it very seriously. Over three decades, we’ve developed a seven-step naming process that involves:

  1. Gathering information and learning about who you are as a client
  2. NameStorming and letting our creativity run wild as we start building our list of possible names
  3. Extensively screening those names for trademark conflicts, linguistic viability, and domain availability
  4. Presenting you with the most promising names, and absorbing your feedback
  5. Fine-tuning and making whatever changes are necessary to make sure you’re satisfied with the final list
  6. Name testing that involves open-ended questions and evaluations of the subjects’ immediate reactions, plus a follow-up memorability study
  7. A presentation of final name candidates that we feel confident will foster future success

We love coming up with brand name ideas for the food and beverage industry. If you need an enticing name that grabs your audience’s attention, you’ve come to the right place.

See why NameStormers has been listed as one of the best naming agencies in the United States on Clutch and The Manifest. We would love to share with you the difference our team can make in working with you to create that perfect-fit brand, business, or product name!

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