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A simple enough question that we’ve asked for over 20 years.

The answers range from the deceptively simple: “Sell itself” to the overly ambitious: “Telegraph our brand positioning, differentiate from the competition, improve customer loyalty, catch the attention of prospects and grow our revenues while increasing our market share.”

But what if we change the question to perhaps better fit your situation: What Must Your New Name Do … Even if You Don’t Have a Budget?

Well, it may be that you just need your new name to get prospects to take the next step … whether that is downloading your app, trying your product or asking a sales rep for more information. That is, once prospects have taken the initiative you are confident that your app / product / sales rep will do the rest. And, at that point, you may feel the name really doesn’t matter.

But we believe your new name should do something more … that is, it should act like peanut butter … sticking to the roof of your prospect’s brain. It should stay with them and engage their senses, emotions and curiosity. It should make them want more or to tell their friends about how your new offering is so cool. Your new name might inspire, elicit a chuckle or evoke a strong positive memory.

Great names aren’t forgettable.

Great names generate conversations and increase awareness, trial and ultimately preference.

We love to create names that have the inherent potential to become great. That are naturally more interesting, memorable and attention-grabbing than others. We know any name can only go so far by itself but we want to make sure your new name gives you as much of a running start as possible … while sticking to the roof of your brain.

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