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Naming a financial services company is a challenge, even for naming savants. More than in any other industry, it’s important to play it straight and convey trustworthiness. At the same time, your name also needs to engage your target and stick in their minds. It’s a tough balancing act, but NameStormers is here to help with tips from our experts. 

Project Competence and Credibility

Edgy brands with loads of personality often garner a lot of attention and ultimately engagement, but coming on strong isn’t going to work for every brand. You may be tempted to take a risk and pick a really whacky name for the sake of memorability, but there is such a thing as negative attention for a financial services company. 

Yes, memorability is vital—in fact, it’s a top priority at NameStormers, and it’s one of the final tests we can run before our top names for a project go out the door. But you don’t want to forsake a coherent brand personality just to make a name stick. You can get creative, but your creativity should live in the confines of your brand personality: competent, reliable, credible. 

But Don’t Sacrifice Originality 

Staying true to your brand personality doesn’t mean you have to settle for a mediocre name. A financial services company needs to be trustworthy, yes, but it can also be modern, convenient, innovative, accessible, and maybe even a little playful. Your company may have to wear a business suit to work, but it’s allowed to get as colorful and creative with the tie and socks as it wants. Finance company name ideas are the same way. 

Take FireTip for example: Farr Financial came to NameStormers when they needed a name for their new trading platform. They wanted it to feel edgy and exciting, so we came up with FireTip, which suggests speed as well as useful information. “Tip” also implies being on the cusp of something thrilling. It’s a dynamic name that doesn’t color outside the lines of the brand personality.

Allude to the Problem You’re Solving

No one starts a financial services company just for kicks. You’re doing it because you’re meeting a need, providing a service or quality of service that you think no one else is currently providing to your target. And there’s no better way to pitch your appeal to customers by hinting at the value you deliver right there in the name. It doesn’t have to be obvious or descriptive, but a customer who’s interacted with your brand should be able to look at your name and say “Oh, I get it.” Take Evergreen Financial, for example. You may not think much of it at first, but if branding beyond the name reinforces the idea of longevity and perennial prosperity, the name begins to take on new layers of meaning that convey the value you provide. 

Another great example is Sage Capital Bank, a NameStormers client that used to have a more generic name and needed a rebrand. After learning about the company and doing our research and brainstorming, we came up with Sage because it alludes to wisdom and good judgment, not to mention the shade of dollar-bill green the name brings to mind.

Need Finance Company Name Ideas? NameStormers Can Help

If your finance company is made up of people who are great with numbers but not so great with words, NameStormers is here for you. We specialize in creating unique, memorable names that grab their targets’ attention. We take great pride in every step of our in-depth process, which we’ve spent decades perfecting. We get to know you and your brand and brainstorm names, but then we take it five steps further! We conduct preliminary trademark checks to make sure the top name candidates are available, and then we run those names by the client to get feedback. We fine-tune the names based on that feedback, and then we test them rigorously and provide you with the resources you need to launch the new name. 

Are you ready to find the perfect name for your financial services company? Contact us today to get started!

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