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Airadigm (Einstein Wireless) needed a new corporate brand name as it expanded its consumer cell phone business. Boasting low calling prices with unlimited-calling and customizable plans, Airadigm wanted the new company name to connect with customers in a lasting and meaningful way.

Looking for a short and catchy brand name, one of Airadigm’s mantras during the project was that “a brand name of great value doesn’t have to be boring.” It needed a standout name that would support its reputation as a local company which could readily meet all of its customers’ needs better than the big national players.

Strategizing with NameStormers produced a punchy name that conveyed a sense of exciting innovation: airfire Mobile. The new brand name linked nicely back to the Airadigm parent brand and spoke to what this cell phone business expected to do: delight Wisconsinites and take the airwaves by storm.

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