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There’s so much potential for creativity when it comes to naming an education company. Whether you’re launching a tutoring service, an online learning platform, a curriculum publisher, or a training and assessment program, you need education company name ideas that engage and inspire. 

NameStormers has worked with leading clients in the education sphere to create names that communicate companies’ core values and the utility of their products, services, and platforms. Here are our top tips for naming an education company.

Make It Feel Interesting, Yet Approachable

New education companies often come up with names that sound academic and dignified, which seems like a safe bet—but there is no such thing as “safe” when it comes to naming a company. The safer you try to be, the more risks you actually take. Playing it too straight can make for a bland and unmemorable name. 

Take, for instance, the assessment company Measurement Incorporated. This company name gets its point across, but at what cost? A name can be both interesting and intellectual, so there’s no need to give up one for the other.

Keep Your Target’s Age in Mind

That approachability factor is important for every age group, and especially for younger learners, but you want to make sure you aren’t infantilizing your audience by picking a name that’s too childish. Remember, even if your core products are designed for children, they will also be used and implemented by adult educators. Older students will not respond positively to a brand that talks down to them. There’s a line between playfulness and coddling. 

Codecademy is a perfect example of a name that is accessible and fun, but doesn’t make the adults who use the platform feel like they should be holding crayons and playing with wooden blocks.

Avoid Acronyms

There are successful companies with acronym names, and some of our clients are among them. However, avoiding acronyms is a good rule of thumb for companies just starting out. It’s hard for your target to form an emotional connection to an acronym, and when it comes to education, acronyms are an even tougher sell. They bring to mind intimidating tests like the SAT, ACT, and whatever other combination of capital letters make every student’s blood pressure go up. 
ETS (Educational Training Services), an educational assessment development company, came to NameStormers looking for a non-acronym naming architecture for some of their tools and products. We came up with a suite of names including iSkills, ReadyEdge, Proficiency Profile, and Personal Potential Index, which are less intimidating and more student-friendly than sets of acronyms that are hard to keep straight.

Education Company Name Suggestions: Why Work with NameStormers?

Are you ready to come up with education company name ideas or brand name ideas for education products? NameStormers will do the hard work on your behalf, using our unique seven-step process to produce exciting name candidates tailored to fit your brand. All name generators do is spit out a list of names based on the keywords you feed them. But NameStormers does things differently, bringing the personalized human touch that makes names successful. We get to know your company before we brainstorm any names, and then we screen those names for trademark and online availability and run them by you. If we need to jump back to brainstorming, we’re happy to do it—we’re not satisfied until you want to move forward with a name that makes you feel giddy. Your favorite names will then be tested with your target audience to make sure your company is set up for success. 

Contact us today to hear more about our process and get started on naming your education company.

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