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Creativity is an essential differentiator that helps start and successfully manage a business. From branding to developing company workflows, creative companies succeed and become household brands.

Think of the most famous and innovative companies in the world today. Their branding is synonymous with creativity and uniqueness. As such, they gain a competitive edge that opens them up for more business opportunities.

When it comes to business name creation, you need a creative name that grips, reshapes, and holds the attention of potential customers and investors. Creative branding also increases your market share, opportunities, and revenue.

Choosing creative business names is a common obstacle for entrepreneurs and business leaders. The process requires focus, effort, and time.

To help you quickly get through the business name process, we’ve compiled easy, tried, and tested approaches that’ll ensure your business is off to a great start!

#1 Work With Naming Experts

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A fast and reliable way to come up with a creative business name is by partnering with branding professionals.

Company naming professionals possess extensive market research know-how and experience in business naming. They use this field experience to do the hard work of walking you through developing creative names that differentiate your brand against your competitors. 

Working with business naming consultants provides you the following benefits: 

  • Access to naming expertise in developing catchy business name ideas relevant to your company.
  • Market research techniques to test names with your market. 
  • Provide you with many unbiased name ideas, expanding your chances of finding the ideal name for your company. 
  • Domain, global linguistic and trademark screening.

Besides helping you develop name ideas, branding experts will also help create slogans, taglines, or logos. With all these benefits and assurance, it’s best and easy to consider partnering with a reliable branding agency.

To ensure you have picked the right expertise, keep an eye out for these services.

  • Trademark and domain screening. The expertise should know all about trademark laws and be capable of thoroughly screening any name they produce. We’re talking about a more extensive process than simply searching USPTO’s database.
  • Linguistic screening. If launching your business globally, your name should be applicable worldwide and not offensive in any other languages or cultures. Linguistic screening makes sure this is the case.
  • Competitive research. The team should be experienced, and able to thoroughly research what’s successful in your brand and market to come up with effective names.

The naming team should also be diverse, offer unlimited naming sessions and all at a flat fee.

At NameStormers, our branding experts have professional experience in the following services.

Service Description
Company naming Branding for startups, rebrands, mergers, spin-offs, etc.
Product & Services naming We name everything from snacks to AI technologies
Logo creation Original designs that embody your brand
Name research Tests the impact and memorability of your brand name
Brand naming Names for B2B, B2C in different industries
Trademark screening Potentially legally available names
Increasing Name Value Making your name worth more
Linguistic screening Test cultural sensitivity and difficulty in names

#2 Don’t Focus On Too Many Characteristics

Using too many characteristics is one of the worst mistakes you can make when coming up with creative business names. It’s like taking a shotgun and firing it at the wall; what you end up with is a mess.

From this mess, it’s difficult to pick out the business names you like. It can even confuse your audience about what your business is planning to achieve.

However, if you take the rifle approach and focus on only 1-2 characteristics of your brand, you’ll have a much easier time coming up with a good business name.

So, think about what characteristics you want your brand to convey:

  • Distinctness
  • Passion
  • Loyalty
  • Leadership

Cater your name ideas around your chosen characteristics, and you’ll find you have a much more refined focus and your names will be higher-quality.

For example, when Other Machine Company approached us wanting a new name, we focused on two characteristics: the tools power and ease-of-use. With those characteristics in mind, we came up with Bantam Tools.

Bantam is both a small breed of chicken noted for its power and a reference to the bantamweight class; which is a lightweight used in certain sports.

 See how we just focused on 2 characteristics?

Case study

#3 Short, Simple, and Catchy

Many entrepreneurs think it’s best to get all tough and complicated when it comes to a business name. 

Yet, the best company names are often short and straightforward. 

Choosing a short name prevents you from wasting time brainstorming overly-complicated names that will likely confuse your audience.

Take a look at some of the shorter names we’ve come up with below:

Here are a few ideas to help you come up with a great short business naming idea:

  • Use one word if that’s all you need
  • Keep it five syllables or less
  • Keep it simple and descriptive
  • Make sure the domain is available too

You can use these ideas in coalition with our previous tip. Once you’ve determined your brand characteristics, consider looking in a thesaurus for descriptive words related to those characteristics. How can you use them to influence your company name?

For example, Brident is a mix of bright and denture. Bright refers to the company’s friendly, welcoming nature and denture for the services they offer.

#4 Get Inspiration From Your Brand Purpose

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When brainstorming a business name, your creativity can hit the wall.

In such moments, getting name ideas from your business purpose is a smart move. Focus on the big picture that is your business mission first. Once you nail down what your organization is all about, it’ll be easier to find a business name to match.

Think of fundamental ideas and try different names to see if they fit. Tweak them as you go to eventually settle on a name that resonates with your brand identity. 

You can also get creative with the process by putting together several suggestions. For example, you can do this by:

  • Combining words from the different lists to create one unique word,
  • Combining two words that relate to your industry,
  • Adding more words of your own to create a new and unique name for your business.

For instance, when a power-generating company contracted NameStormers, we created the name SureGrid. The name supported and conveyed the value prop of a trusted alternative to the utility power grid.

With the help of the naming agency, you can create a creative name that differentiates your brand and sets you apart from the industry competitors.

Remember: Your brand name is one of the first features people see, so you need to choose wisely. 

Hiring a professional naming company with a tried and tested process and proven track record is ideal for successful branding results.

#5 A Free Business Name Generator Isn’t a Worthwhile Idea

Some business owners will turn to a free business name generator when they can’t think of any ideas for their business name.

However, a free business name generator is a limited tool to find a creative, sensational name. 

You shouldn’t depend on name generators because:

  • The names they generate are not prescreened for trademark in their industry
  • Name generators lack the human element. They’re unable to determine nuance, context, and don’t have the ability to understand a business, its naming needs and target market
  • A business name generator is unlikely to produce a business idea that fits with your company’s niche. That means it can only provide general name ideas. 
  • Business name generators don’t show you registered domain names in their search results. That can compromise the chances of optimizing your branding options.

A professional naming company is ideal since it provides expertise, creativity, and uniqueness beyond name suggestions from a business name generator.

Besides, branding professionals help you perform memorability tests, check cultural sensitivity, domain availability, and whether your favorite business idea is already taken.

Get Unique Business Names Ideas Faster at NameStormers

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By now, you have gotten great ideas for coming up with the perfect business name and only need to put them into action for great results.

Building a brand name doesn’t need to be costly and time-consuming. There are many ways to develop creative names without wasting your time on the entire tedious brainstorming process. 

Partner with NameStormers for creative and unforgettable branding experiences. Our outstanding portfolio and awards are a testament to the great work we’ve done before. You can hire us with the assurance that you’re in safe hands.

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