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Domain Name Screening

When it comes to a brand company name, legal availability is not the only hurdle to clear. Domain availability is paramount. Even if you don’t plan on using the domain, it’s better to own the dot com than to have someone else using it or even squatting on it. If someone in your industry space is already using it, that could lead to some serious confusion for your target audience. In addition, simply owning the domain can help boost your search engine results. We can also search the availability of social media handles, app names, and Certificate of Label Approvals (COLA).

Does NameStormers Sell Dot-coms?

During the dot-com bubble in the late ’90s, we did snag some dot-coms that are now available for purchase. Interested in something you see below? Get in touch with us!

Why You Should Let Us Solve Your Company Naming Conundrum

Our decades of experience have sharpened our skills and made us pretty savvy name screeners. But we don’t rely too heavily on past experience — we stay abreast of the shifting trends so that your name is relevant in today’s rapidly changing culture. You can feel fully confident that the names we pitch to you have cleared all of our preliminary screenings — reducing the chances that your legal will reject the name because it’s too high risk for your company, brand, product, or service.

To top it off, we work for a flat fee, which means we repeat the screening process as many times as it takes to earn your satisfaction. That’s why we’re here!