Canon “PowerShot” gallery image

The Client: Canon

The Need: Canon USA, headquartered in California, asked us to help them develop a name for a new digital camera. The name needed to relate to empowering the user with a wealth of capabilities that came with this camera to take their own incredible photos, every single time.

The Name: “PowerShot” was the decided upon name which communicated the idea that anyone could be empowered to be a professional photographer and that you could hold the “power” to make every shot a “PowerShot”. With PowerShot, anyone could shoot, view and print photos instantly without film. The name was punchy, exciting, inspiring and suggested that owning one of these cameras would ensure great pics every single time- and the product clearly lived up to its name.

The Result: Launched by Canon in 1996, The PowerShot line was one of the best-selling digital camera lines worldwide and is still being sold 23 years later.