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American National Bank was prosperous and growing. As it expanded by building new branches in adjacent communities, it started bumping into banks with confusingly similar names. It contacted us to develop a new name brand name that was:

  • More distinctive and protectable than its current name
  • Short and punchy and that would “pop” off of signage as prospective customers drove by its various branches
  • Related to its core differentiators of a bank that provided decades of knowledge, expertise and prudent advice to customers
  • Supported its heritage and Texas roots

The ultimate name selected was Sage for the following reasons:

  • As a single syllable, 4-letter name it could be printed in a large enough typeface to grab one’s eye and be easy to read in any venue
  • It was unlike the name of other banks or retail establishments in the communities American National served or was expanding into
  • A “sage” is a recognized authority in a field or a wise and trusted counselor, so this new name directly supported the bank’s fundamental differentiators and brand proposition
  • A sage bush is also native shrub to Texas and extremely drought resistant.  As some of the largest banks in the country were failing or merging with other banks under FDIC’s scrutiny, this name related well to American National’s ability to stand firm and weather even the toughest of times

While Sage wasn’t an obvious choice initially (it reminded some of the spice used in cooking which seemed inappropriate for the bank’s new corporate moniker) it proved to be an easy to spell, pronounce and remember brand name.  Learn more about Sage Capital Bank’s history and success while many of their competitors are having a tough time in today’s economy.

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