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A company name must be more than memorable. Yes, the stickiness factor is important, but the name should also allude to your organization’s values, offerings, and distinguishing qualities. That’s a lot of heavy lifting for just a word or two! So why not involve a team of experts to make the brand naming process smooth and simple?

Brand name design requires in-depth research, creative chops, cultural awareness, and diverse input — all of which we provide at NameStormers. Our nimble team has created names for fledgling businesses, mergers, company offshoots, and rebranding projects.

Even more so than naming products, naming a company is a complex task with a mosaic of challenges. People involved in the company at this stage often feel strong emotions surrounding the name. There may also be stakeholders to satisfy or complicated foreign legal requirements to clear. The name should be powerful enough to shape the culture of the company, but flexible enough to survive transitions like changing business models.

Taking these intricate factors into consideration, we absorb your vision and the aspects that make you stand out from your competitors like a polished gem. Then, using methods we’ve spent 30 years perfecting, we generate game-changing name candidates that are perfectly engineered to ignite enthusiasm for your brand.

Why Choose NameStormers for Your Brand Naming Needs?

Our collaborative, strategic approach leaves no stone unturned. We pride ourselves on interweaving creative and analytical ways of thinking to deliver satisfying results. Here are a few highlights of our naming process:

  • Quick turnaround. With us, you’ll never have to twiddle your thumbs wondering when you can finally nail down the name and make your vision a reality. We set to work right away and typically complete the project within just three to four weeks.
  • Trademark screening. A company name may be brilliant on its face, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg — potential conflicts or inappropriate connotations could be lurking beneath the surface. We screen for these possible pitfalls to avoid any legal challenges or cross-cultural obstacles, weeding out names that don’t make the cut. The names we present to you have already been rigorously screened to provide you with peace of mind.
  • Unlimited revisions. If you’re not enamored of the name candidates we’ve generated, we’re happy to hop right back to the drawing board and throw out new ideas, which we’ll screen again for trademark issues and domain availability for no extra fees.
  • Optional name evaluation research. Just as we love hearing our clients’ feedback, we know YOU want to hear how your audience receives your new business brand name prospects. Should you avail yourself of this resource, we’ll provide a report with key results and insights from the study as well as recommendations and data to support them.

Additional Brand Naming Services

Finding the right name is monumental, but what’s next? We want to provide you with the support to succeed in all your naming endeavors.

Investing in the perfect company name only to wing it when it comes to your products and services will result in an incohesive system that confuses employees, partners, and customers alike. That’s why every brand needs a Naming Architecture. A Naming Architecture includes a clear nomenclature system with an established hierarchy and succinct, effective messaging. If you choose to take advantage of this service, we will equip you with the tools you need to guide your organization in naming decisions that are consistent with your brand.

Should you be looking to launch a global product or service, we offer additional, in-depth linguistic screening, seeking the input of native linguists in relevant countries in order to avoid any potential faux pas. Lastly, we also offer logo creation services.

What Sets NameStormers Apart?

We’ve spent decades refining our process, with the goal of delivering incredible results for a flat fee that ultimately pays for itself in branding successes. We’ve partnered with distinguished businesses to elevate their branding and put them ahead of the pack. We welcome you to take a peek at our portfolio to see the impact we’ve had on their messaging and, ultimately, their ability to convey their excellence to the world.


We’re also proud to be featured as one of the Top Advertising Agencies Of 2020 according to DesignRush

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