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NatureSweet … A Celestial Story

NameStormers helped create the Cherubs name for a new variety of grape tomatoes. Cherubs deliver sweeter flavor in an ideal size for snacking or salads. The Cherubs name proved successful for NatureSweet, offering many advantages including:

  • a distinctive brand
  • great graphics
  • lots of fun copy possibilities
  • a celestial theme to work with for future names

NatureSweet also introduced two other celestial tomato varieties that fit the theme: SunBursts and Glorys. And then more recently, they developed a cute little snack package for Cherubs named Cherriots, courtesy of NameStormers. Another spin on the heavenly theme.

The celestial theme has helped NatureSweet tie their brands together, leverage their brand-building dollars more effectively across a common theme, command a premium price, and outperform the competition.


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