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Talon is  the new name for Minn Kota’s fresh-to-market, shallow water anchor. We think Talon works well for a variety of reasons.

First, if you’ve ever been to a pet store, had a bird as a pet, or been freakishly attacked by one, you know that most have sharp talons that are so strong they can use them to hang upside down from tree limbs or grab hold of their next meal while flying through the air. Since the product is an anchor, this name insinuates that not only is the anchor strong but it’s dexterous – it will find something to cling to and hold tightly.

Talon Anchor Second, it’s short (2 syllables, 5 letters, so it will really pop off of the anchor itself as well as off of any advertising), sounds strong, and is easy to say and spell.

Third, it’s novel and differentiating for the category – we couldn’t find anything close to  Talon for an anchor. Most anchors have names like Fortress, Guardian, and Kingston. These are strong, stoic, and sadly typical names. Talon will stand out from the crowd by being original and more emotionally engaging but still relevant.

Fourth, and most importantly, it is easy to remember. The most important attribute of any new name is memorability.  Memorability helps create immediate awareness, the first step towards building a strong brand. Once awareness is established, Minn Kota can focus all of its resources on building preference – the 2nd step in brand building and the real key to any enduring brand name.

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