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A Case Study: Virbac’s “IntelliDent”

By: Megan Dzialo

According to PetLifeToday, spending on pet healthcare in the United States continues to catapult. Not only are pet owners spending more on their fur baby’s health, but research shows that even more pets are being added to households than ever before. It’s not surprising that people who own pets are supposedly happier, healthier, and have lower stress levels than those that do not- after all, pets are clearly an integral part of the family.

Because of this, pet owners and veterinarians are always looking for better, healthier, and smarter ways to keep their pets happy and healthy. Virbac, an animal health pharmaceutical company, recently innovated a new dental cat chew that works with a cat’s natural chewing action to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. This 3-in-1 trifecta goes beyond most feline dental bites to support gum health, teeth health, and fresher breath.

Knowing that they needed to figure out how to name a product in a way that speaks to today’s pet owners and veterinarians, they enlisted the help of NameStormers, a top naming firm. These days, it’s not enough to just produce a cat bite that’s affordable and tastes good. Pet owners are even more concerned about the quality and efficacy of pet treatments that they are willing to pay more for a higher-end product to give their pets the best health care possible and keep them in the family for years to come. Virbac asked NameStormers to capitalize on their key differentiators while also elevating the product name to communicate that these bites are the smartest choice for both cats and their owners.

NameStormers ran with the “smart” concept and worked with the Virbac team to coin the name “IntelliDent” for the new Virbac cat bites. This descriptive style of product name perfectly conveys the quality of the product and the purpose of the product without being too technical, boring, or over-the-top. IntelliDent clearly communicates that this product is for dental health and that it is the smartest choice for cats, cat owners and veterinarians. It also suggests that the time and effort put into innovating this new treatment was done with great expertise and intelligence. The name ultimately says, “you’re an intelligent and caring cat owner, so you choose IntelliDent”. The name IntelliDent also provided fun opportunities for an incredible logo, which NameStormers also created with the Virbac team.

Virbac just launched their new cat bites in October of 2020 and are excited to “outsmart” the competition, but more importantly, provide cat owners and veterinarians with a feline dental chew that works quickly, produces results you can see, and makes cats happy and healthy! Congratulations to Virbac and the entire team on the launch of IntelliDent!

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