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With Covid continuing to wreak havoc across the globe and especially the vulnerable populations like the elderly, all eyes are on senior living communities and how they are caring for their residents. It’s not enough that the senior populations be protected from COVID or any other virus, though that was the huge focus of 2020, but the quality of life, social interaction, and access to family members to aid in the overall well-being of residents. Finding that balance is extremely difficult, but very important in addition to all of the other challenges facing senior living communities from medical care and quality food to psychological and social support.

In early 2020, Marcus Investments, an investment platform, started a new company that will develop senior living residences across the nation. Every residence will be different, but all will uphold the values of excellent care in a safe environment and the highest quality of life. Marcus Investments has been very successful in the hospitality industry and will leverage and apply its experience to the development of senior living residences to include incredible food, the highest degree of customer service, entertainment, socializing, etc. Approaching care from a holistic perspective, they want older adults who require personal care to see a bright future for themselves by having their medical, psychological, recreational, and social needs met. They value creating a senior living experience that is dignified, delicious, and full of social/developmental opportunities for older adults, but also for adult children to have peace-of-mind knowing that their parents are receiving resident-centered care in an environment designed specifically for them and that they can still be on an upward trajectory of living, learning, and laughing as they age. 

With these objectives in mind, Marcus Investments needed a new company name to reflect these values and appeal to prospective residents and their families. The new name needed to directly convey the brand pillars of excellent care in a safe environment and the highest quality of life. The name also needed to be easy to identify and remember and pair well with location-specific trailers. After 4 rounds of creative Namestorming and a customer validation study, Marcus Investments landed on the name “Terova Senior Living”. Terova is a combination of “terra” meaning earth and “rove” meaning to travel or journey. Adding the “a” on the end made the name softer, more audibly pleasing, and sound like a peaceful place to live. Having the word “terra” in the name also conveys a sense of natural living and living the way you want to in a beautiful environment. 

Since its launch in 2020, Terova Senior Living has received incredible feedback from residents and their families:

“The caring, professional, and respectful staff at Terova Senior Living have made the most positive of impacts on my father’s life. The grounds, common spaces, and apartments are beautiful. The food here is excellent. My father is thriving!”  -M. Inman

“I moved my mother to Terova about a month ago and into their memory care community. The care she is receiving is way beyond any care she’s received in the past. Thank you Terova.” -Jill Pietrowiak

“I don’t think I can say enough about this community! It is by far the best experience that we have had. I cannot thank the Terova team enough, never have I had the commitment from the entire team as I have here.” -Steven Johnson

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