7-Eleven “Heavenly” Blend gallery image

The Client: 7-Eleven

The Need: Morning commuters are serious about their coffee. As the world’s largest convenience retail chain, 7-Eleven is serious about commuters, and therefore, their coffee. They are serious about the names they give their coffee, too. For a new premium coffee blend they developed, they wanted a name that spoke to its great taste and high quality in a way that actually produced an emotional response, enticing even hurried customers to give it a try.

The new smooth coffee was a medium strength blend of Columbian, Brazilian and Central American beans. The new name needed to consist of only two or three words but had to help differentiate from existing well-known blends of key competitors. Especially coffee brands found in other convenience stores, fast food restaurants, donut or bagel shops, delicatessens, and coffee houses.

The Name: Heavenly Blend, the name 7-Eleven ultimately chose from the many NameStormers proposed, fit all of the criteria. It conveyed something smooth and soothing yet unique and divine- the absolute best. What could be better than something related to the heavens? Who could resist trying a “heavenly” cup of coffee? Perhaps inspired by the name, 7-Eleven gave away cases of Heavenly Blend coffee to churches, temples and other houses of worship over the winter 2008 holidays.