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Do you like to workout? Do you like to workout indoors on a treadmill? Have you ever experienced the frustrations of a noisy treadmill belt, overly complicated controls or that dreaded “Out of Order” sign on the last available treadmill in the fitness center?

Well, WOODWAY is introducing a new treadmill with a trendy, text-messaging style of name (4Front) that has the largest HD TV (19”), the most comfortable running surface and the lowest maintenance and downtime of any treadmill in the industry. 

And we not only love the 4Front name because it was our idea but more importantly because of its modern feel and also because it speaks to WOODWAY’s commitment to innovation and leadership in the industry.  Whether you’re looking for a way to run that is easy on your joints or that is stress-relieving and entertaining for your mind, 4Front does it all.

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