When we start a new naming project, we ask a variety of questions about the client’s new company or product name.  Here are three of the key naming questions:

  1. What do you want your new brand name to do?  The best answer we ever heard was “Sell itself.”  Other answers have ranged from “generate product trials” to “close the sale.”  Whatever the answer, you need to know your primary objective of coming up with a brand name before you get started. When we named My Menu for M&M Meats, they wanted a business name that clearly related to what they did and was short enough to “pop” off of signage and billboards. When we named Brazilian Bold for 7-Eleven, they wanted a coffee name that generated trial purchases and sounded better than an ordinary cup of coffee.
  2. Who do you want the name to appeal to?  When helping create the new product name ITZAKADOOZIE for Nestle, it was critical for us to know that Nestle was targeting kids and their moms and not older adults on a diet.
  3. How will the new product or company name differentiate you from competitors’ names?  When developing HEALTH YES for a startup, we wanted to make sure our brand name suggestions related to the “empowering the user” idea, a potential positioning element and key point of differentiation for this new health screening service when compared to the competitive set.

While there are many other questions to ask when creating a new brand name, these 3 should always be asked.  For a complete list of questions to help you launch your next naming project, please call us at 512-267-1814 or email us at info@namestormers.com.  We would love to hear from you!

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