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Creating a memorable name is the first critical step in building brand awareness and competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. However, before you launch a new name, note that NameStormers offers related brand name strategy and tactical name research and implementation services. In addition to testing prospects’ and customers’ responses to your new name through quantitative research, we create catchy taglines, design logos, provide preliminary global trademark screenings and perform linguistic & cultural evaluations essential to building a strong foundation on which your new name can thrive. In today’s competitive market, a new name often has to do more than just capture the attention of prospects for a fleeting moment, it has to stop them in their tracks and “stick to the roof of the brain” for months or years to come.  NameStormers helps assure the success of your new name through our related support services.


Our primary focus in developing new names is almost always on the most important attribute: Memorability. Our typical naming engagement is quick, efficient, affordable, professional, enjoyable and most importantly, successful. The team at NameStormers promises to work with you for a fixed fee until you are satisfied. Delivering great product, service and company names is our passion, and we’re confident that you’ll be happy with the results. Just take a look at our clients’ testimonials or videos. We’re on a first-name basis with most of our customers who enlist our naming services time and again.

Tagline Development

Some names stand alone perfectly. Others are elevated to a new level when you add a tagline. Whether you dress up your name with new product literature, ad copy, its own facebook page or app, a cool logo or other collateral material, your new name doesn’t have to stand alone. NameStormers develops taglines as part of our normal name development process. If your organization already has the right name and you need the perfect tagline, our creative team will come up with one that fits your needs and brand identity.

International Trademark

In today’s marketplace, many brand names must cross borders and work on a global level. We can tailor your name development to cross these boundaries by including international trademark screening at the end of our normal naming development or name change process. Early on, NameStormers pre-screens our name ideas for trademark issues in the U.S. and Canada, giving you more viable brand name ideas to consider right off the bat. Whenever you are ready, we will perform a “deeper” preliminary international trademark screening on your top names using the Thomson Reuters international trademark databases, and supplement this with search engine checks to ensure exclusivity and minimal confusion.

Linguistic Screening

Just because a name is perfect in English doesn’t mean it blends seamlessly across cultures and is ready to debut globally. NameStormers can help you avoid unexpected surprises both at home and abroad by performing a detailed linguistic check on your top name candidates, using native linguists living in each targeted country and expert in the languages and dialects of concern. Findings on pronunciation, translatability, negative connotations, associated meanings and overall cultural suitability will be presented and reviewed with you.

Name Testing Research

Name testing research should provide insights into a prospect’s reactions to your top name candidates and the reasons for those reactions. Our name analysis provides your organization with external feedback that is often critical in selecting THE winning name. We use quantitative methodologies to provide hard numbers that when combined together with open ended responses gives you the statistical validity you need to make your name selection and the qualitative insights for understanding the “why” behind your prospective customers’ scores. NameStormers process includes questionnaire development, sample selection, programming, fielding, monitoring, data analysis, and graphical presentation of the results. View “How a Successful Brand Passes the Test” in our informative video.

Logo & Icon Development

Making the right first impression often begins with a great name and a great logo or icon. One that grabs your audience, stands out from the competition, and makes your customers and employees feel inspired the moment that they see it. As experts in image creation, the NameStormers designers begin with a variety of initial design concepts to give you a full range of choices. With your feedback, we create a more focused set of secondary logo/icon design concepts before arriving at your final choice. The winning design is delivered to you in a variety of digital formats for use on letterhead, signage, advertising, web sites, social media, apps and more.

Nomenclature System Design

A Nomenclature System helps your company maintain a coherent, consistent naming structure throughout your organization by identifying the “rules” to follow for all new product and service naming. NameStormers typically begins a Nomenclature System engagement with an evaluation of your existing names including brand names, sub-brands, descriptors and blue granules. We conduct in-house and external research and gather your own and key competitors’ collateral material. As we start identifying different ways to handle your current and future naming needs, we will conduct intermediate project reviews and Q&A sessions with you. Towards the end of the nomenclature project, our team will provide you with final name development guidelines, naming templates, and a transition strategy. One of several key deliverables during the course of a typical business naming project is a PowerPoint deck that will help you formalize and communicate this process to others in your organization. Our Valeron Blog Post shares a real life example of some of the advantages of implementing a Nomenclature System including name and design consistency between the corporate and product names.

Naming Architecture

You may need to move beyond a simple Nomenclature System to a comprehensive Naming Architecture. While a Nomenclature System provides the specific guidelines for how to develop future names, a Naming Architecture examines the strategic relationships between all of your names, your naming hierarchy, the messaging associated with each, how to optimize your brand name strategy and overall portfolio structure, and much more. Once constructed, your Naming Architecture will provide a clear road map of where your business is today and where you need to go to maximize your name equity throughout your organization. And at the end of a Naming Architecture engagement, we will provide you with the tools to educate everyone in your organization regarding the value of your brands and how to effectively nurture them.

Brand Audits & Competitive Positioning Research

NameStormers will audit your current brand portfolio and help you decide what is and what isn’t working. We benchmark competitors’ brand architectures, positioning, key names’ strengths and weaknesses and then show you how to leverage your names to take advantage of your biggest competitive opportunities.

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