7-Eleven (Bistro Grillers, Heavenly Blend, Brazilian Bold)
ADP Affinia (The Liaison Hotel in DC)
AICPA (Privacy Check) Alcoa (
All-Aluminum Products (Americrafters table)
All Season Restorations (Sagent Red)
American Heart Association
American National Bank
American Racing (Teron)
American Standard (Precedent)
AmeriSource Bergen (Cubixx)
Ameritech (Dual Link)
AMFAC Parks & Resorts (Xanterra)
AMR Combs (Business Jet Solutions)
Anchor Foods/McCain Foods (Olivenos!)
AOL (Privacy Wall, File Protect)
AT Cross Company (iPen)
Axalto (Protiva)
Baja Burrito (Cool Peppers)
Baptist General Convention (WorldconneX)
BB&T (Vault360)
Bissell (ProLite)
Blockbuster (
Blue Bunny (Bon Petites, Creme Tortes)
BlueCross BlueShield (Inroads)
Bowman Gray Medical Center (Aegis Family Health Center)
Breyers (Double Churn)
Bridgestone (Alenza)
Brinker’s International (Eat & Enjoy)
British Broadcasting Company
Brunswick Burdick (Pyramis)
CABC (Ignite Technologies)
Canon (Eos, PowerShot)
C R Bard
Capital One
Car Repair, LP (Driver’s Edge)
Carrier/Bryant (Puron)
Carson Products (Waverunner)
Centex Home Equity (Nationstar)
Circuit City (CarMax)
Cirrus Logic (Maverick)
Citibank (Rate Wise)
Coca-Cola Cognis (VegaPure)
ColorSciences (CrossMatch)
Compaq (Custom Edge, FreeUp)
ConAgra (Sensible Chef)
Connect, Inc. (OrderStream, PurchaseStream)
CSG System (Kenan FX)
CVS (Gold Emblem)
Design North
Dial (Lots of Lather, OneTouch)
Dickens Data Systems (ProAmerica)
Dickinson State University (Form and Fusion)
Direct Mortgage Lender (Equity Now)
DM FCU (VantageWest Credit Union)
Farr Financial
Fitzgerald & Co.
Flint Ink
Georgia Gulf
Guaranty First Bank
Herman Miller
Herr Foods
HJ Heinz
Infinity Channel
International Paper
Interstate Bakery
Ivoclar Vivadent – Europe
Jantzen Jeld-Wen
Johnson Controls
M&M Mars
M&M Meat Shops
McCain Snack Foods
Nationwide Mortgage
Noble House
Nortel Networks
North & West FCU
Oncology Supply
Penn Engineering
Privacy, Inc.
Radio Shack
Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
Roth Staffing
Ruiz Foods
SC Johnson
Sevin Rosen
Shoe Carnival
Slick 50
SMC – Europe
Southwestern Bell
St. Joe Company
Stryker (US and Europe)
Texas Instruments
Universal Studios
Women’s Edge
Zenith DMG – Europe


THORN Americas

I received your presentation booklet for our new car concept—I looked through it and want to compliment you on an outstanding job. The names you have developed will be terrific starting points for us as we move our project forward. We will not hesitate to use your firm again.
Mike Suchstand – Vice President, Strategic Development – THORN Americas, Inc.

Major Global Tire Company

I want to thank you very much for your team’s effort on this project. You all worked very quickly and gave us excellent direction. I am sure many hours were spent in developing the many name lists you presented us. Your added value enabled us to move forward with a name consumers preferred over the prior internal name. I look forward to working with your company in the future!
Brand Category Manager – A Major Global Tire Company


We have filed six trademarks to date which were created by The NameStormers. As is, six global trademarks in one year is unprecedented for any agency we have contacted. On several projects, you triumphed where other agencies had failed us. The process is simple, fast and yields wonderful results.
Tracey K. Higgins – Director, Trademark Development – Worldwide Human Health Marketing, MERCK & Co., Inc.

Intuitive Edge

I wanted to thank you and the NameStorming team for your great effort in helping me find a name for the company and our first product…starting a new business is quite a sizeable undertaking so knowing a competent team was tending to the name issues was a relief. We love the (company) name. We are also going to use the product name Acquis for a family of internet-and-otherwise commerce software packages. It really was a pleasure working with you. I look forward to NameStorming in the future.
Tom Dowdell – Senior Software Developer – Intuitive Edge

Dow Chemical

The naming industry landscape is littered with agencies that make the process seem onerous and intimidating. They tout their unique proprietary processes, advanced research and ideation tools, etc. And then they tell you it’s going to take months and months. Ugh. With Mike and NameStormers, you get a team focused on results. Their approach is practical, thorough and creative. And they can be flexible and lightning fast. If you want results without the headaches, then I highly recommend NameStormers.
David Cameron, Business Public Affairs, Dow Chemical

Design North

I have hired Mike to do naming projects for several of our clients. Naming can be a difficult area for many companies and Mike does a great job walking people through the process and making them feel comfortable. One of his strengths is his ability to ask the right questions to really understand the problem and the objectives at hand. This allows NameStormers to always come up with a wide variety of options that expands the thinking of the client. I have yet to have a client be disappointed with the process or the results. If you are considering going through a naming exercise, I would highly recommend Mike and The NameStormers.
Tom Dorow, Design North.

Centex Home Equity

Mike, Thanks for the quick turn around time. I appreciate all you have done to help us with name, logo and tagline. Some great work!
Rob Greenbaum – Senior Vice President – Marketing – Nationstar, formerly Centex Home Equity

Puget Sound

Thank you for your excellent work, great customer service, and fast turnaround. I’d be happy to provide references for you. We decided on Alliant as a good tie to the corporate name: Virginia Mason-Group Health Alliance, Inc. And we’ve got two Alliant Health Plans, Plus which is a point of service plan, and Select for the HMO.
Paula Heath – Director of Advertising & Sales Promotion – Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound

Stone Trust

We have rarely encountered the level of service and professionalism we received with you. You made us feel that we were important, and you did everything you said you would do when you said you would do it. And frankly, after such a positive experience with you, I can’t help but notice how the service we receive from others pales in comparison. We felt like you put your heart into this project, and we will forever appreciate the attention you gave us. Whenever we encounter anyone in the future who needs your services, you will be the first and only name we recommend. Thank you. We have sincerely enjoyed working with you.
Tim Dietrich – CEO, formerly Amicus Mutual Insurance Company, now Stonetrust Commercial Insurance Company


Thanks so much for all your expert advice and professional project management throughout this endeavor. This has been one of the most satisfying engagements with a vendor that I have experienced over the years, which speaks to the high quality and thoughtful output of your efforts. I especially appreciated your flexibility and patience as the project took on new challenges which impacted the scope of work. You can be certain that as our business grows, NameStormers will be top-of-mind for future work.


Our success with our name change and branding has been phenomenal. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. I am ecstatic over it. Our experience in working with NameStormers has been so good let’s just call them again and let them handle this next project for us.
Bill Macey – CEO of Valtera, formerly Personnel Research Associates


I can’t say enough about how well you handled what would have been a very difficult if not impossible branding exercise for us to do in-house. The NameStormers brought an excellent level of creativity, objectivity and a fresh look at what we live with everyday, and that is just what we needed. At the beginning of this project, I had my doubts about our ability to come up with a brand name in just 3 weeks and clearly without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to do it. You really made my job easy.
Kate Strong – Manager, Marketing Communications – Lightbridge


I must underscore what an absolute pleasure it was to work with you during this entire project. Your methodical, timely, and resourceful approach to educating me on how a new name affects a company, and the steps you so painstaking address to make the transition a seamless one, were outstanding. Each time I needed to contact you to get direction or clarification, you responded with immediate and informative action. You are the consummate professional and a real pleasure to work with.
Dorian Stern – Director of Marketing, Logicare

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